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Hola parceros and parceras, and welcome to Speak Spanish Pronto. If your goal is to start speaking Spanish, you’re in the right spot. SSP’s Beginner Course is perfect for both new Spanish learners and others who may have forgotten their Spanish over the years and would like a refresher.

This course is designed with efficiency and practicality in mind. This means the lessons contain only the most necessary information.

Ok…but how do you know what’s the most necessary information?

Glad you asked!

I’ve been living in Latin America (mostly Colombia) for the last three years and have seen my Spanish-speaking ability improve dramatically in that time. I’ve picked out the bits that have proven useful to me and left out the things that have not provided much value.

There’s no fluff and no wasted effort.

These lessons are based on real-life experience and real-life success. Their content is produced by someone who has struggled, been overwhelmed, made mistakes, persevered and SEEN THE LIGHT.

Ok, not that dramatic.

But I have gone from a low-level comprehension in university Spanish classes, to a conversational level in Mexico and all the way to getting a work visa, starting a small market research business and joking around with friends in Colombia.

Humble brags aside, I have first-hand experience of what it takes to learn a language and how overwhelming the process can be. There’s tons of resources, systems, methods, gurus and all-out gimmicks to wade through.

With that in mind, I’ve tried to design the process in a way that allows the average person to follow a structured course and avoid work that doesn’t provide a return on investment.

Because 95% of my learning experience is in Latin America, the lessons focus on Latin American Spanish. Of course, you’ll be able to understand the Spanish spoken in Spain and take that European vacation, but there are small differences and I prefer to leave that Spanish to someone with experience living in Spain.

All the Beginner Lessons are free and include audio, which is essential to learning Spanish. The lessons include PDF files that can be downloaded, providing a clean, organized and convenient way to view the lessons.

The accents in the audio files will be Colombian, which is one of the most neutral in all of Latin America and is generally considered one of the easiest to follow.

My recommendation is to begin with the Spanish Alphabet and the Sounds of Spanish lessons.

It’s critical that you have a good understanding of the sounds of Spanish before starting the Beginner Course, as your progress depends on being able to identify and then reproduce these sounds.

Then you can either read through the Beginner’s Conversational Guide to Spanish or dive right into the Beginner Series lessons.

By sticking to just one lesson a day, I’m certain you’ll be impressed with your progress and more confident than ever with your Spanish abilities.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please see the contact page, or leave a comment on any of the lesson pages! Welcome to the course.


The Spanish
Alphabet and its Sounds

It's essential that you start with the letters and sounds of Spanish. Conversation, music, and anything else you enjoy is impossible without these.

Beginner Lessons

20 lessons that will equip you with all the basics of the Spanish language.

Beginner's Conversational
Spanish Guide

Follow the guide and start speaking Spanish in months, not years.
Learn the strategies and break through the language barrier once and for all.

Audios, vocabulary and other bits that will help you along​


A separate location for all the audio contained in each lesson.


Here you'll find frequency lists and other helpful vocabulary resources.


Check out the latest article I've written in traditional blog-style.

Private Lessons

Get individual attention with a highly-qualified Colombian teacher.

Video Content

The latest edition to Speak Spanish Pronto are videos resources that both supplement the Beginner Series and add new information not found in the lessons.