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Constructing Sentences with 100 Words

Constructing Sentences with 100 Words

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Constructing Sentences with 100 Words

We’re going to combine the previous lessons and add the top 100 frequently used words guide to construct sentences.

The following 24 sentences are constructed using only words found in the top 100 list from the previous lesson.

2-word constructions

¿Cómo estás?
How’re you?

Estoy bien.
I’m fine/well.

¿Todo bien?
Is everything ok

3-word constructions

¿Hola, cómo estás?
Hi, how’re you?

¡No puede ser!
It can’t be!

No te creo.
I don’t believe you.

Hay que hacerlo.
One has to do it/ it has to be done.

¿Qué quieres hacer?
What do you want to do?

Él puede hacerlo.
He can do it.

4-word constructions

Creo que era ella.
I believe it was her.

Es bueno saber eso.
It’s good to know that.

Vamos. ¿O no quieres?
Let’s go. Or do you not want to?

La casa es de ella.
It’s her house.

No sé qué hacer.
I don’t know what to do.

Hay que ser la verdad.
It has to be true/ the truth.

Así es cómo hacerlo.
This is/that is how it’s done. /
It’s done like this/like that.


5-word constructions

Ya voy. ¿Por dónde estás?
I’m going now. Where are you?

No tiene nada que hacer.
He doesn’t have anything to do.

6-word constructions

¿Está aquí? Tengo algo para ella.
Is she here? I have something for her.

Él estaba aquí. Pero se fue.
He was here. But he left.

Sí, lo puedo hacer para todos.
Yes, I can do it for everyone.

La verdad es que no quiere.
The truth is that she doesn’t want to.

7-word constructions

Creo que sabes dónde está mi casa.
I think you know where my house is.

11-word constructions

Sí, todo de lo que hay por aquí es para ella.
Yes, everything that’s here is for her.

Just by knowing the first 100 most frequently used words, you can communicate basic ideas and begin to see how sentences are constructed.

However, since most nouns, adjectives and adverbs are outside the top 100 list, studying the top 1,000 list will allow you fill in those ‘blanks’ from the last lesson and add variety to your conversations.

This lesson wraps up the Beginner Series. By this point you’ve built a solid foundation for Spanish and can begin to construct your own sentences, explore music and movies, and become more comfortable in basic conversation.

I greatly appreciate the time you’ve invest here at SSP.

Any questions or suggestions you may have are more than welcome by email or through the SSP website.

Check back for updates! Possibilities include:

  • Intermediate course with more audio
  • Additions to the ‘Most Frequently Used Words’ list
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